Are You Real?

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"Are You Real?" is a phrase taken from "The Fisher King", by Terry Gilliam. The two lovers characters say it, incredulous. It sounds like a sentence pronounced on the edge of reality, makes you just take a look ... the other side has the same power of music. Since childhood he started mixing folk, electronic, distortions. The computer was his imaginary band. He wrote songs looking simple shapes, and threw us into the most personal things. They have been so Countless Ways For Pressing Flowers and Melancholia. The first was voted among the best debuts of 2006 indie, the second had a national distribution in 2009. He was walking towards Santiago when he decided to abandon his name, and "Are You Real?" was born. It was a strategy to expand the view: He wanted to mention contemporary apocalypse, describing visions. Then he released "Songs Of Innocence" (Face Like A Frog Records, 2012), "a war cry for those who still know how to see the beauty and sing" (Rockit). With a band, he played in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands. There followed four years, two removals, many meetings and some clash to give him a following. "Songs From My Imaginary Youth" talks about all these things and it is a hymn to the splendor and confusion of youth. It has been released in January 2017 for Sisma / Rims Soviets. We play 4 tracks from this album on Pop'N'rocK Radio. So don't hesitate to tune in to hear these awesome songs!