Arms Akimbo

Birth date2015


Arms Akimbo is an emerging indie rock band from Los Angeles, California. Band members Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Colin Boppell, and Matt Sutton met while studying studio recording at Loyola Marymount University. Each having an eclectic musical background, they came together in 2015 to form Arms Akimbo. Within months, the band wrote, produced, and released their debut E.P., ‘Vignettes’. Their unique, raw, harmony-packed, percussion-driven sound has captured a wide audience online and is given a new life on stage. During live performances, you can see them bouncing from instrument to instrument, belting four-part harmonies, and rocking out with their fans, and this energy has drawn huge crowds and filled venues for their shows
all across Los Angeles.

In the past several months, Arms Akimbo has had some amazing successes:
•Opened for Walk the Moon at ‘Fallapalooza’ in Los Angeles as direct support
Opened for Strangers You Know at The Roxy in Hollywood
Reached over 170,000 plays on the single, “Michigan” in just 2 months of release
•Reached more than 75,000 plays on the single, “Little Insensitive” within a month of release
•Sold out The Study in Hollywood on a Tuesday night for the “Little Insensitive Single Release Show,” forcing the Los Angeles Fire Department to nearly shut down the venue because of their overflow crowd

Arms Akimbo has received amazing feedback from fans and is now in the midst of broadening their fan base to share their sound with as many people as They possibly can.

Arms Akimbo has had more than 400,000 streams and downloads across various distribution services

Top Tracks

Michigan 1


Little Insensitive 2

Little Insensitive

Miscommunication 3


Shakin' 4


My Room 5

My Room

Baby Doses 6

Baby Doses

simmer 7


Treehouse 8


Seven Mirrors 9

Seven Mirrors

My best friend 10

My best friend

Top Albums

Little Insensitive
Little Insensitive