Blackbird Hill

Birth date2012
CountryFrance (Bordeaux)
GenreRock Blues
MembersAlexis Dartiguelongue & Maxime Conan


Men do not matter.

It is the story they recount that is worthy of a listen.

However, if you are keen on getting a glimpse of their souls behind the words and their flesh behind the leather, know that for those who can read signs, the music of Blackbird Hill lifts the veil on its creators.

Imagine rough grounds bordering a large river and hear its sound. Haunting, it flows and, in a roar of electric saturation, its flanks collide into a dazzling city and its withering borders. Through twilight encounters, fever and frenzy, and dust and time, these realms wandered in parallel have left their mark, like scars, on the two musicians.

Here is the fabric from which their stories are made and they too are made.  Follow the echo of their musical instruments in the heart of muggy mists, like living shrouds floating on river banks.

Then, on the threshold of isolated log cabins, hear them sing stories usually whispered while looking over one’s shoulder for fear that the devil might come and get you.

In their voices, nature and its dangerous beauty transform into the theater of Man who brought real savagery — the one born not from survival but from evil. Then, for a moment in time unveiled by a sonorous trance, the public becomes a witness of their fantasized scenery and life stories. (Clubs : Krakatoa, Barbey ; Festivals : Off du Blues Passion, Ouvre la Voix, Ocean Climax, Les Campulsations, Jalles House Rock… On Tour : France & Belgium).