Control C



Control C, a 4 piece band from Paris formed in 2012, with its refreshing electro pop!

Top Tracks

Tell Me Where Is The Love (Ma Gia Mix) 1

Tell Me Where Is The Love (Ma Gia Mix)

Tell Me 2

Tell Me

Dance Forever 3

Dance Forever

bang bang (2minds jump remix) 4

bang bang (2minds jump remix)

Io No (G.A.S. Edit Mix) 5

Io No (G.A.S. Edit Mix)

Austen Peaks 6

Austen Peaks

dance forever (control extended mix) 7

dance forever (control extended mix)

Io no (sweet mix) 8

Io no (sweet mix)

Io No (Sweet Edit) 9

Io No (Sweet Edit)

dance forever (control edit mix) 10

dance forever (control edit mix)

Top Albums

Dance Forever
Dance Forever
5 tracks
Jump Invasion Vol 1
Jump Invasion Vol 1
Barracuda Vol. 43
Barracuda Vol. 43