Erica Jennings



A love of different musical genres is a key part of her writing and performance and has become her signature style.

This redheaded bombshell has thrived on the Baltic music scene ever since she began her professional career as a teen. She has won every possible award many times over, both as part of a collective with “SKAMP” (1998-2015), “The Ball & Chain” (2011-2013) and as a solo artist featuring on the “Living Theatre” compilations Vol 1-4 (2001-2004).

A love of different musical genres is a key part of her writing and performance and has become her signature style. Timeless and direct, hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged vocals, with lyrics that cover universal topics of the modern woman. When asked about her solo debut and her eclectic electro-pop sounds, she says “These are first and foremost very personal songs I wrote in my little home studio on my keyboard. They are songs that mean the world to me and I simply want to share them with everybody”.

Her first live solo performance was June 2015, warming up for Róisín Murphy where she showcased a 30min set of her new material to rave reviews. 2016 summer she has been so welcomed at her first solo performance at Granatos Live, opening for John Newman and sold out acoustic sessions by the Baltic Sea.

2016 has been big for the singer, known for her huge vocal range, as she launched her solo career to great reviews. Kicking off her path as a solo artist she released “Leading me home” which became a huge hit to add to her already large collection of songs and awards from a professional career that began aged 17.

Songs like “Old friends”, “Hanging by a thread”, “You always told me” and of course “Leading me home” – have gained international radio play in Europe, The United States and Latin America too. All these songs appear on her solo album which was released in June.

“Leading me home”, which she wrote both the lyrics and music to, along with truly heartfelt and mesmerizing performances made her one of the strongest favourites for this years Eurovision where she won hearts far and wide.

Truth, authenticity and a journey of self-discovery is what the songs on Erica’s solo album are about while live she is able to deliver a song full of truth, beauty and emotion.

Top Tracks

It's a Lovely Day 1

It's a Lovely Day

Pleasure 2


Leading Me Home 3

Leading Me Home

Bang, Bang 4

Bang, Bang

The Beat Goes On 5

The Beat Goes On

It's lovely day 6

It's lovely day

Coming Home For Christmas 7

Coming Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone 8

Merry Christmas Everyone

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 9

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

White Christmas 10

White Christmas

Top Albums

Leading Me Home
Leading Me Home
1 tracks
Buddha Bar: Living Theater Vol. 1
Buddha Bar: Living Theater Vol. 1
Coming Home For Christmas
Coming Home For Christmas
15 tracks