Grey Nomad

Birth date2015
GenreAlternative Rock
InstrumentsBass, Guitar, Drums
MembersPeter van den Berg, Mark den Hartog, Mathijs Dekker, and Daniel Godtschalk
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The four-piece band Grey Nomad experienced a sounding debut as continuation of a musically journey in 2015. An emotional and melancholic atmosphere characterizes the musical journey. The songs take you through the daily uncertainties, doubts and hopeful love. The sound, which is received enthusiastically by many venues, is influenced by Joy Division’s new wave sound from the early eighties to the contemporary work of the Editors. The five-track debut EP, sounds honest and sometimes huge and will be released in December 2016. Songs, which start small, builds up with sounding guitar effects that hold you on. The dark edge of the songs in combination with the intimate atmosphere and lyrics that makes you ponder did set the stage for live performances and inspired the band to write new songs for a second recording in 2017.

Peter van den Berg: Bass

Mark den Hartog: Guitar and vocals

Mathijs Dekker: Drums

Daniel Godtschalk: Guitar