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Bestselling Swiss singer-songwriter Jaël is doing a series of auspicious acoustic shows to coincide with the start of autumn. Jointly arranged with two musical collaborators, the set promises to be intimate and evocative.

In November 2015, Jaël’s first solo album "shuffle the cards" went straight into the Swiss music charts at number two. It was an impressive start to new solo career of the former Lunik frontwoman. The Bernese singer performed the album across Switzerland, with stops at open-air stages, in a show featuring hooky electric drums, loops and samples and Jaël’s distinctive, catchy voice.

Now with the change of season, the singer-songwriter is delivering an acoustic programme to match the golden mood of autumn: with Cédric Monnier (ex-Lunik) on keyboards and Domi Schreiber (MyKungFu) on guitar, Jaël will be performing her own songs in a more intimate setting, with new arrangements highlighting the quality of the songwriting. The set complements hit tunes from the Lunik era, and fans can look forward to some pearls from Jaël’s other side project, MiNa.

And because autumn is about reaping harvests, audiences can bathe in Jaël’s warm, melancholic voice, as it is encircled in piano ballads, driving guitar duos, soulful duets and bursts of color with the xylophone and kalimba. These seated trio concerts promise to be full of soulful moments and pleasure: a spine-tingling atmosphere is guaranteed!

Her earlier work consists co-writing and singing with Canadian Band Delerium on the song "After All" on their album Chimera, (which, remixed by Svensson and Gielen went up to #1 of the Dance Charts in the UK) and the song "Lost and Found" on their album Nuages du Monde as well as "Light your Light".

She is both internationally famous in the Trance music community as well as domestically famous in switzerland for her work in the band Lunik (1998-2013) and MiNa (2007-2013).
Her song "Easy Life" (Tobtok Remix) feat. James Walsh went up to #7 of the Upfront Club Charts in the UK in summer 2015.

Jaël also featured on DJ Tatana's 2004 single "Always On My Mind", which had moderate chart success in Switzerland upon its release. She can also be heard in two tracks ("You Remain" and "Stop Crying") on Mich Gerber's 2004 album "Tales Of The Wind" and on the 2008 release "Sehnsucht" from Schiller on the track "Tired".

Top Tracks

Keep On Dreaming 1

Keep On Dreaming

unevolved 2


nu hope 3

nu hope

Tired 4


broken 5


sorry's too late 6

sorry's too late

echo 7


make believe 8

make believe

Tired - Live in Hamburg 9

Tired - Live in Hamburg

Kömebac 10


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infecting your MIND
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