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OAKMAN is made of Marine, Jeremiah and Jesse. They come from the north of Lyon, towards the great lakes, between Twin Peaks and Fargo. They make Pop-punk. It means that they shake the walls but with a touch of romanticism. It sings in English, it talks about human relations especially, unspokens, stories of love, nature too, loneliness and hope because there is no reason to let go. Emotion comes from the power of sound. In the voice of Marine also, raging but delicate, this contrast between the aggressiveness of the playing and the harmony that emerges. Their first EP "Waterscape" was released on October 25, 2016. Recorded in Lyon by Jérémie Nicolas. Mixed by Sam Pura (Story so Far, Basement, State Champs) at Panda Studios, Fremont, CA, USA. From rage to hope, from patience to explosion, this little EP could not better represents the band : skillful, romantic, powerful, young , dazzling. We added 4 tracks from OAKMAN in Pop'N'rocK Radio's playlist. We hope you will love them too !