The Lunar Year



The Lunar Year is an American indie band based out of Philadelphia, PA. The band was originally founded by Katie Burke, who plays piano, writes and sings the music. Other band members include Steve Heine (Guitar, Backup Vocals), Zach McCaw (Bass) and Kevin Walker (Drums). The origins of The Lunar Year's music can be traced back to Burke's childhood and adolescent years, deeply rooted in a myriad of musical genres. She grew up under the tutelage of her father, who commenced her first fascination to groups such as The Beatles, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. In her later years, she found a love for Classical/Romantic era composers such as Schumann, Tchaikovsky and Wagner. These influences help to cultivate the ethereal, veracious and often celestial sounds that are found throughout Burke's writing. With themes of life, love and death, the music gives listeners an insight into the crux of Burke's heart and brings the mind to an honest state-the realization of mortality and the need for love. The Lunar Year's members have diverse backgrounds in music. Some come from the pop punk scene and others from jazz and folk. They unite in their love for creating music that is thoughtful, taking time to foster each part and song. This process, though at times laborious, produces the beautifully distinct qualities in their music. They have released an EP, co-produced by Joey Heier and Zach McCaw, titled “Mon Ange Alice” last spring.