Tyler Colt

Complete nameTyler Colt
Official websitehttp://tylercolt.com
Tyler Colt is a young Rock Pop singer/songwriter with a musical background in guitar, bass, and drums. This multi-faceted experience, all before finishing high school, brings a unique view to his music. While he has acted in movies, TV, commercials, and music videos, his passion is music. He has also studied with Dave Topps, until he began teaching himself. Once he met Monty Pittman, guitarist for Madonna and Ministry. Pittman reignited Tyler’s passion for guitar through The School of Rock South Bay. While he enjoys all genres of music, Tyler’s passion is rock. His inuences include Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and Dave Grohl. “[Grohl] seems to be a really positive guy. He’s been through so much watching his friend and band mate Kurt Cobain pass away and still he’s got a great outlook on like. [These] life experiences [have shaped] some fantastic songs [with] the Foo Fighters. I hope to meet him one day... He’s proven you can do anything you put your mind to.” Tyler has had the opportunity to play numerous venues with his School of Rock band, including the Progressive Motorcycle Show, The Festival
at Redondo Beach, and The Long Beach Convention Center.
Growing up, he learned that he could express himself through music, and has learned that confidence is important. “My guitar lets me be free. It allows me to express myself through music. I used to be a little shy, but realized that being shy sucks. Being shy doesn’t let you experience things
in life. ... If you have confidence in life you can do anything. People should like you for you, if they don’t then move on, forget about it. You’re unique; you’re you, you should be proud to be you. Don’t try to be someone else, they’re already taken. Being you is empowering and awesome.”
Even though Tyler realizes that there are parts of life he has yet to experience, he has experiences that many his age can relate to.
“I write my songs about what I’ve experienced so far in life. ... My song “Back to the Start” [is] about a time in my life when I was heartbroken, like most young teens go through. But this song is to get you to realize that you can go back to the start, in a good way, a fresh start. I hope everyone likes it and sees that while it might not be easy, you can have a fresh start tomorrow.”
“I want to continue to write and also write some anthems. Like I said, sitting out and not being a part of things is boring. I want to get people moving and having fun. Life is supposed to be lived, why not start today. Everyday is a new opportunity to get a fresh start."