Reverbnation submissions: last week!

May 27, 2017

Hey bands/artists! Just to let you know that if you're a member of Reverbnation, you can take part to the submissions campaign we have on this website until June 5th.

We already received more than 2,800 submissions and will keep 20 artists/bands to offer them an airplay, and some articles on our website.

If we can't chose easily the 20 last ones, we will offer an airplay to the other artists/bands we liked though!

So, first : have a listen to our radio station for at least an hour. And if you feel like you can be a part of our program, don't hesitate! Send your song on Reverbnation.


Pieces of advice, about the tracks we already declined... We declined :

- cassette recordings made with a microphone. Tracks on which we don't even hear the voice.

- recordings with bad encoder quality. If you're not even able to encode your songs properly, you can't be heard properly on a radio station...

- hip-hop, rap, country, r'n'b, soul, americana, metal, classical, dance, EDM, Gospel, Celtic tracks. And no : we don't play tracks like Elvis Presley.

- people who can't read : we are a pop-rock radio

- people who can't sing


If you follow these pieces of advice, it should be OK for you! So let's try! All details and informations right here! Hurry up! Submissions end June 5, 2017!